Dr. Frank Jo Maitland Geltner (Parli Prof) (left) with Henry Martyn Robert III at the Biennial Convention of the National Association of Parliamentarians. He has developed this site for promoting the effective use of Parliamentary Procedure.

Dr. Frank Jo Maitland Geltner, Ph.D. has been a Retired Professional Registered Parliamentarian (National Association of Parliamentarians). He taught Parliamentary Procedure (sometimes referred to as ‘parlipro’) for a number of years while on the faculty of the University of Oregon. Dr. Geltner has adopted the website domain name of “godscience.net/parliprof” — welcome!

Dr. Geltner lives has recently re-located to Southwest Florida from the Central Oregon Coast. He has made his services available to individuals and organizations.  In the past he offered a series of articles for the Newport News Times entitled “Point of Order” on the general subject of parliamentary procedure. In the past, the Eugene Register Guard and the Newport Times have partnered with Dr. Geltner to offer day-long workshops on Parliamentary Procedure. He now offers his services to nonprofit organizations and civic organizations as a community service.

Promoting Parliamentary Procedure